Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Bump In The Road

I didn’t post yesterday, because nothing was happening other than the entire media fulminating about a Congressman from New York. Frankly,
I found him shallow and boring when he was being “good” and I find the subject of him even more shallow and boring now.

I did notice that, all but lost in that clamor, President Obama spoke yesterday on the unemployment numbers, and after hearing clips of it,
I wished I’d missed it. He said that the “uptick in unemployment” was a “bump in the road” caused as “employers look back on conditions that existed two and a half years ago.”

For an intelligent person, that man can be remarkably tone deaf. After ignoring unemployment for months, coming back to it only to downplay the problem is not going to endear him to the people who are suffering the effects of that “bump in the road,” and if he expects us to believe that employers are basing hiring decisions on events thirty months in the past he is delusional. Those of us who have an IQ higher than room temperature roll our eyes as we recognize that he is still trying to kick the can backward to George Bush. Employers are not looking at the Bush Administration as they make today’s hiring decisions.

He needs to quit trying to pretend that unemployment isn’t a big deal, and start talking like he takes it seriously. Continuing to say that the economy is improving and that we just can’t see it yet, like he and his advisors can, is not going to fly.

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bruce said...

If this "uptick in unemployment" is a "bump in the road", just WTF has the last 2 years been? I know that leaders need to project confidence and all, but this is ridiculous.

Employers are not looking back on anything, they are loking ahead to what changes are going to affect them and are they going to stay in business.

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