Wednesday, June 08, 2011

California Dimwittism

This shouldn’t be news, but California has broken out in another rash of stupid. There must be something in the water, or the air. Maybe all of the medical Marijuana has getting to us with the “second hand smoke” effect.

Anyway, the DMV is no longer issuing auto license renewals, and if you go into the office to renew your car license they will not accept your money or issue your renewal. The reason is that, bless their addled little brains, they don’t know how much to charge because there is a bill pending in the legislature that may change the auto tax rate, and it isn't approved yet.

Now some state offices would say, “Well, we will just follow the existing law until we are notified to change it,” but not California. This is a very forward thinking state. If there is a chance that the law might change we want to enforce the new law, not the old one, and so we will go into a status of suspended animation until…

Meanwhile, people who want to drive out of state are fearful of doing so due to the risk of being arrested for driving with an expired license. My tag isn’t expired, but even if it was I would not hesitate to drive to Arizona. They know about California in that state, they know all about California. Half of them spend their summers here.

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