Tuesday, June 21, 2011

He still has young voters

One of my fond memories of my father was that he worked magic with infants. After he retired from the Air Force he worked in public health; as Director of Maternal and Child Health for the City of Milwaukee, he conducted what were called “well baby clinics.” Women with infants who could not afford health care could bring their babies to these clinics for checkups. He would take a fussy baby from the mother and, instantly, the baby would be calm and content. It was fun to watch him with infants.

Hardball showed Obama today on a campaign tour, and he was chatting with a mother whose baby was crying. He was clowning with the baby, who continued to cry, and finally he persuaded the mother to let him hold the baby. The infant instantly calmed and stopped crying as soon as it was being held by the President.

And they say he is losing the youth vote.

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