Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Liberal Logic

The title is an oxymoron, of course, but introduces a statement made in all seriousness by a self-proclaimed liberal regarding our current president; claiming that, "he was elected by a minority of the voters, a vanishingly small one if the many non-voters are taken into account."

I did not bother to ask him why non-voters should be considered as a "percentage of the voters."  Nor did I ask him why, if they were included, they should be included as ones who voted against Trump. His answers would undoubtedly have satisfied him, but they would not have made any sense to me, so there was no point in asking the questions.

Update, Wed. 12/26/18: from a different person in a different "discussion" on why it's okay for us to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia but not okay for Russia to sell weapons to Venezuela. "No doubt we've done some terrible, terrible stuff in the world, but I do believe that we stand for freedom, some modicum of order, and general safety & opportunity."

Don't judge us by what we do, judge us by what we "stand for."  Right.

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  1. (one) He didn't get a majority of the popular vote, but that's not how our system works. It seems that a lot of people don't actually know this. And actually, this situation is something of a rarety anyway.

    (two) There has always been a percentage of eligible non voters and why does it seem to matter only when the election doesn't go your way?

    And since they didn't vote, how would you know how they would theoretically vote if they had? Anyone can spin that they way they want to , and it's meaningless anyway.

    If that's a problem for you, then try and get them to vote. Like, maybe come up with some good candidates. Or better ones that we just had?

    Venezuela doesn't need weapons. Ok, maybe to quell the popular rebellion that will happen when the people revolt against their autocratic rulers. Wait, haven't I heard /seen this situation before? It's more of supporting Russia's arms industry, but hey, what some support between fellow dictators, eh?

    And yes, I suppose that counts us as well. Ours is not technically a dictatorship (although Trump would certainly like that), but our hands are not clean in many parts of the world.