Thursday, December 27, 2018

Liberal Justice

A New York Times editorial (sorry, no link, it’s behind a paywall) asks a profound question which admits to no legitimate answer. “How can we deny citizenship to anyone, when none of us have done anything to deserve our own citizenship?” The editorialist is, of course, a white, female, native born American citizen and a registered Democrat.

There is an answer, however, and we are already engaged in implementing it. You take away the benefits of citizenship from those who are now citizens. Things like free the speech of anyone who doesn’t think the same thoughts you do.


  1. Nice post.Keep sharing. Thanks

  2. bruce9:37 AM

    Yes... if your don't agree with someone you are (1) a libtard, socialist, out of touch with reality, etc (2) a Neanderthal, misogynist, out of touch with the "mainstream", a woman /minority /other religion hater...

    There used to be tolerance for other viewpoints (ok, well usually anyway). he lack of such nowadays, in politics, on campuses, etc is a dangerous slippery slope from which there is no easy way of reversing once you get in to that mindset.

    This is the way of dictatorship and state control. And yes, that includes universities and such that should be otherwise. Education should not be a one sided viewpoint.