Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Only In California

Governor Moonbeam signed into law a bill requiring that corporations must have on their boards of directors at least one female by 2019, and at least two by 2021. This is irrespective of how many total directors are on the board.

Are they required to have any males on their board? Of course not. That would amount to discrimination against women, and we don't allow that in California. Somehow, however, in a manner that can be understood only by the female mind, requiring females is not discrimination against men.

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  1. bruce2:18 PM

    I can't wait until someone files a lawsuit on that one. Probably against an all-female BOD.

    And of course, where does that stop? Members of a minority of each ethnicity? LGTBQxyz? Throw c\some cats and dogs on there too. Ok, that might have been snark.