Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Did You Notice?

It was only a few years ago that NASCAR had a starting field of 43 cars, and each week had a fairly lengthy list of cars that were too slow in qualifications to be among the 43, and went home. Fifty cars in the entry list was not unusual. Then, last year, they cut the starting field to 40 cars. The reason, we were told, had to do with their new team franchising system. Last week at Martinsville, only 38 cars were on the starting grid.

Texas Motor Speedway is giving free Danica Patrick bobblehead dolls to the first 30,000 fans to enter the gates next weekend for the NASCAR race. I simply cannot come up with a comment that suits here. My brain exploded.

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  1. bruce8:38 AM

    It almost defies belief that (A) they even have 30,000 Danica bobbleheads to start with and (B) they expected 30,000 fans at that race and (C) all of them would want a DP bobblehead and/or come out just for that. But then, Ms. Patrick's "brand" isn't just as a racer..

    Brain buster indeedy...