Thursday, September 29, 2016

Better Times

Somewhat over forty years ago I met a young fellow at a party who had just come to this country from Poland, which was still behind the Iron Curtain at the time. I asked him what most impressed him about the United States and without hesitation he replied, “You don’t have to be afraid of the police.”

Of course, he was a white guy so he might feel the same way today. I’m a white guy, though, and I’m not sure I do. One of the cops who shot the man in El Cajon was facing two charges of domestic assault, and was still on duty and still carrying a firearm. That’s not a police department that engenders a feeling of public safety.

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  1. bruce8:30 AM

    Loose cannon cops, just what we need. NOT. I read about a level headed cop who had talked down a suspect, who was then shot by another cop. The first one was fired for 'endangering the lives of fellow officers and the public".. He said he'd do it again if it were the same circumstances.