Friday, September 19, 2014

Why I'm Not Boycotting Burger King

The guy who runs the local Burger King in my neighborhood is a local businessman. He bought that franchise some dozen years ago and spends about 12 hours per day in it. He spends his day behind the counter hustling orders and directing his employees. He comes out to bus tables, clean the drink machine, and do everything else that his employees do. It is clear that his employees like him. He is friendly to his customers and thanks them for coming in.

He invested his life savings to own his own business and needs the income from the store in order to pay his mortgage and feed his family. I've seen him leave work driving a six year old car.

This is a typical Burger King store, since 99% of Burger King fast food restaurants are not owned by the corporation which bears the name, but are owned by individual small businessmen who hold franchises to own their own businesses. I will not boycott these hard working people in a self righteous expression of anger over the action of some faceless corporation over which they have no control.