Sunday, September 21, 2014

New Definition for "Terrorist"

I suspect Obama is going to need to form a coalition to stop the Crimson Tide, and he will need "boots on the ground" to do it, and probably heavy armor. There was a certain Keystone Kops flavor to the first half, but even essentially giving up three touchdowns to the Florida defense, Alabama still won the game 42-21. Well, yes, Florida's offense did score twice; on two drives after turnovers, of 16 and 31 yards, totalling five plays.

LSU is rebuilding, especially in the defensive secondary, and lost to a really good Mississippi State team. At times I wondered if the Tigers were even awake back there, but... The less said about San Diego State the better.

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  1. Did not get to watch much ball yesterday but did catch a bit of the Bama/FL match up. Went pretty much as I expected.