Tuesday, March 04, 2014

We Keep Buying This Idiocy

They keep telling us that a one-year budget will save $43 biillion over the next ten years because the media keeps printing it and we keep reelecting the idiots who are saying it. A one year budget ceases to exist after one year and cannot do anything for the next nine years after that. A one-year budget will not do anything in ten years. It will do something for one year and then die.

Closer examination often reveals that the savings are "back loaded" and are scheduled for the last eight years of the one-year budget. Savings are almost nonexistant in the first year, but then kick in during later years, and we buy that nonsense. There are no later years. It is a one-year budget.

Tell us what will happen during the life of the budget. Anything else is a lie.

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