Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Entirely Predictable

Dianne Feinstein is pitching a fit because the NSA spied on her computer. Poor baby. That comes as no surprise to me. Neither part of it. I am not surprised that the NSA would spy on her because I am not surprised that they would spy on anything. They are out of control and nothing is going to reign them in.

I am not surprised by the senior Senator from my state. Embarrassed, yes, and annoyed, but not surprised. "I am going to support spying on everyone else, but if you spy on me I am going to kick you in the nuts." That's because the senior Senator from my state is special, unique, entitled, and monumentally stupid.

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  1. bruce9:35 AM

    And Snowden called her out for being a hypocrite for being angry on senate spying and not on 'anything else' spying. Of course, most politicians are hypocrites anyway. And also feel entitled, special, etc. The US doesn't needed nobility, we have Senators.