Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This Is Interesting

The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that Arizona cannot require that a person show proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate or a Social Security card, when registering to vote. It seems that such a requirement prevents the elderly and poor people from voting, which it may or may not actually do. I’m 70 and I got a new Social Security card not long ago which cost me nothing. Anyway, you know who such a law certainly does prevent from voting? Yeah, people who are not citizens.

Interesting that states can, and California does, require proof of citizenship before issuing a driver’s license. That is, in fact, a federal mandate which some states are resisting. I see nothing which intrinsically makes citizenship a requirement of driving a car.

Employers not only can, but are required to obtain proof of citizenship before hiring, and the feds periodically raid employers to assure that they are complying with this requirement. What is it about feeding one’s family which intrinsically requires that one be a citizen?

It would seem to me that participating in government does naturally require citizenship, but we now say that states cannot require proof of citizenship before registering people to vote.

So, to recap, we are a country which will not allow non-citizens to drive a car or work for a living, but we will allow non-citizens to vote in our elections. Is this a great nation, or what?

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