Friday, June 14, 2013

Obama's Mushroom Cloud

Colonel Pat Lang writes yesterday, under the absolutely brilliant headline, “The Mushroom Cloud is Called Sarin This Time,”

I thought it would take longer for the influence of Susan Rice and Samantha Power to take effect, and then, there is the pitiful spectacle of John McCain.

Colonel Lang, you have a truly magical way with words.

I thought there was no action so middle-of the-road, so feckless and idiotic that the idiot in the White House would not do it, and this proves me right. I was concerned when he brought these two “R2P” advocates into his house, and here we are. With Susan Rice screaming in one ear and Samantha Power in the other that “people are dying” and “we have to do something,” he decides to throw a bunch more weapons into the caldron so that the war will be prolonged, people will die in increasing numbers, and the Middle East will become more destabilized than ever. Fucking brilliant.

Do you doubt that this will escalate into a no fly zone and regime change?

I think this man is as fucking nuts as any neocon about this “American exceptionalism” crap, is as thoroughly blinded by the myth of the omnipotence of American military power, and that he has become utterly corrupted by five years of having been the “most powerful man in the world.” I think he has, like any president who stays in office for more than four years, gone completely insane.


  1. Before I read this, I was just ranting to my wife about the lunacy of this involvement in Syria. In 2008, I didn't realize that I was voting for our future emperor. I admit that I was suckered in by all that talk of transparency, change, and undoing the cluster F!_!cK direction Bush had us going in. Instead, he's taken everything wrong from the previous administration, multiplied it by a billion, and elevated it to an unprecedented level of failure. No fly zone coming to Syria? You betcha. Success of the likes of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya? Guaranteed. At least the Russians are calling "Bullshit!" from the rafters on this one. Perhaps our emperor will listen.

  2. It could be worse. We might have had McCain as POTUS.