Thursday, March 21, 2013

Yes It Has, No It Hasn't

For about a year now, scientists have been announcing that Voyager I has left the house Solar System, then contradicting themselves and saying that it hasn't. About the only high point in this comedy is that the contradictions are getting closer together. They are now only about three hours apart.

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  1. bruce9:32 AM

    It was two different groups of scientists. And the criteria for leaving the solar system is a bit unclear because we don't know exactly what defines the boundary. And there may be no clear boundary, just a region between the 'solar system' and interstellar space.

    There are theories, but that's it - we're just interpreting the data sent back from the Voyagers to see if it fits the current theories. Or we could be surprized and find something new.

    I'm always interested in reading about these because we are truly going where no one has gone before.