Saturday, March 23, 2013

Madness, Madness

Bye, bye Georgetown and Silo Tech (KSU). Well, they fared better than Kentucky, which wasn't here at all.

My two teams, Kansas and San Diego State, advanced but both had better pick up the level of their play if they don't want to go home. The Aztecs totally conceded the area under the basket on offense to a team that is not big enough to deny them the paint; stood outside and took long two-point shots from bad angles. Clank, clank, clank. Pathetic. Kansas just looked bewildered and Bill Self was doing the screaming from the sideline that Steve Fisher should have been doing and wasn't.

Kansas meets North Carolina on Sunday, so Roy Williams meets Bill Self early this year. NC is normally seeded higher, so this matchup happens later in the affray, if at all, and we get an early treat. Based on what I've seen so far, this game should be entertaining.

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  1. The tournament this year is pretty fun. I enjoyed watching Georgetown fall and the Southern/Gonzaga game was interesting. Kansas does need to step it up. They came very close to letting a 16 seeded team beat them.