Friday, June 15, 2012

Glass Houses and Bricks

Again yesterday Obama was rattling on about the evils of his Republican predecessor who cut taxes and “put two wars on the national credit card.” Three and a half years in office and he’s still jeering at the previous administration for policies which he himself has continued to follow.

How, precisely, has he paid for the wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and Yemen? Not to mention Somalia and the Congo. Yeah, he put them on the same "national credit card" that George Bush used.

Also not to mention making the Afghanistan war more expensive to the tune of $100 million per month with his clever "let's piss off Pakistan" policy.

This is the president who despised the Bush tax cuts so much that he left them alone for two years and then extended them for two more years. So he has spent four years criticizing these tax cuts, while spending his full four years in office not only not attempting to repeal them, but actively extending them for half of those four years.

This is the same president who recently said, “I’ve cut taxes for small businesses seventeen times,” and, “Nobody has cut taxes more often for the middle class than I have.” This is the same president who, for the first time in history, cut the Social Security payroll tax, and then demanded that the cut be extended for another year.

Democrats are, of course, cheering him wildly.

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  1. bruce8:50 AM

    they're dropping the brick on their own foot. Show me a politician who's not a hypocrite, and I'll show you the Swedish virgin bikini team.

    not just fiscal matters, but the social issues, DADT, DOMA, PPACA, etc are all another reason they want him in office another 4 years. Oh, and perhaps some more USSC justices, which is one of the more likely scenarios no matter which person is elected.

    and why are they cheering abt making tax cuts when (s) they are not proven to work, (b) it's a somewhat minimal benefit to the individual, and (c) increases the deficit when they are crying about that, too.

    answer: it's politically expedient, and gives the feeling that they are doing something.

    idiots, all of them.