Friday, June 08, 2012

Democrats Defending Labor?

Democrats are rallying in passionate support of the public sector unions in Wisconsin, and I am going to call them out as hypocritical political animals and liars. They do not care about the labor movement; this is just another battle in their holy war against Republicans, and they are using the labor movement as their “cause du jour.”

Where were the Democrats when private sector unions were being decimated? What were they doing while private sector union membership was declining from more than 28% of workers to the less than 7% that it is today? Nowhere is where they were, and nothing is what they were doing. They did not care.

Where were the Democrats when Boeing shut down part of its unionized Washington plant building the new 787 and opened a new plant in non-union South Carolina? They said nothing, because they did not care.

Where were the Democrats when auto makers closed unionized plants in northern states and opened them in non-union southern states, one after another? They said nothing because they simply did not care.

They were waiting for a Republican to make an anti-union move so that they could attack the Republican, casting it as a support of unions. But they don’t care about unions or they would have acted far sooner. They did not defend the labor movement from the predation of big business, but they get all fired up and cloak themselves in righteousness to defend the “rights of workers” from Republicans.

Defending workers? No; they are fighting only for power.

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