Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Olbermann Knows Football

Updated below

On last night’s edition of MSNBC's Countdown, there was a segment about Senator Obama’s “announcement.” The announcement turned out to be all in fun, on Monday Night Football, and about him being "ready for the Bears to go all the way, baby."

Host Keith Olbermann finished the piece with the statement that
"They’re still waiting for a reply from the San Diego Chargers."

You got that right, Keith.

What MSNBC doesn’t get right is the half-baked attempts at doing outright humor pieces. For someone who brings the insight and wit to news commentary that Keith Olbermann does, how does he tolerate the moronic mind-numbing halfwits that MSNBC selects for the "guest comedian" slots?

The freeways in San Diego at rush hour are hilarity personified compared to these slabs of dead meat that pass for comedians on Countdown. If you are watching Countdown and they introduce a “guest comedian” or someone named Musto, go in the next room and let your spouse, significant other or roommate beat on you with a stick. If you have two roommates (or wives, whatever) let both of them beat on you with sticks. Trust me, you will enjoy that more than listening to what passes for humorists on Countdown.

Of course, you could just turn the television off.

When it’s at the end of the broadcast, that’s what I do. Sometimes, unfortunately, they bring one of these "humor pundits" onto the show earlier in the broadcast and that’s when I either want to smash the television or shoot myself.

I would go in the next room and get my wife to beat on me with a stick, but she's a gentle soul and would not devote much energy to the task, so…

Aha, there’s a "mute" button on my remote.

And my humor is somewhere between the thing with sticks and the San Diego freeways, but it’s better than Countdown on MSNBC.

Update: apologies to Bears fans

Earlier this week I said the Chargers were first to clinch their division. My bad. The Bears had, at that time, clinched theirs with a 10-2 record and on Monday night won to tie our record at 11-2. (Tie breakers mean bupkus when you aren't in the same conference.) The slight was unintentional. Congratulations to an outstanding football team. See you in Miami.

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  1. No aplogy necessary, rest assured! It is one of the roles of fellow bloggers to make sure we get things right, that's all.

    Remember, you, me and others are Persons of the Year, so to speak, according to Time.

    See you in Miami? Perhaps - my honest guess is the Chargers are much more likely to arrive there unscathed than the Bears are....