Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Fourth Dimension Spin

Okay, we are all used to Tony Snow doing a tap dance on the podium to avoid the possibility that he might actually say anything of substance. I had thought that none of his fourth dimension spin could really surprise me any more.

But when he was asked about the president’s apparent intention to send more troops to Iraq and the statement from the Joint Chiefs of Staff saying that they categorically thought that more troops was a bad idea he really blew me away (along with pretty much the whole press corps). He actually tried to spin that to say that Bush and the JCS were not in disagreement, and spent about five minutes of blather in that effort.

So I’m reading a blog post about that yesterday and the following was one of the comments that had me rolling on the floor. I had to share it with you.

"Tell us, Tony, what would constitute a conflict between the Joint Chiefs and the president?"

An armored cavalry squadron surrounding the White House.

Comment by 2Manchu — 12/19/2006

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