Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Cosby Saga

Bill Cosby is still in the news, which is actually rather surprising. Have you seen one of his recent appearances? I watched one online, and was wondering two things the whole time. Why are clubs paying him to come to their venues and do this? And why are people coming to the clubs and paying money to watch him do it? I was amazed to find out that he is merely 78 years old. He looks and sounds 90 or older, and is about as funny as a bad case of diarrhea.

In the recently-released deposition he admits to buying drugs which he intended for use prior to having sex with various women. His opponents claim that to be an admission that he was “drugging girls and raping them.” His supporters say that many celebrities were using those drugs during consensual sex in those days, and so he admitted nothing.

I’m tend to side with the women who claim he raped them, but one thing I know for sure is that he admitted to repeatedly and callously cheating on his wife of (now) more than fifty years, and that puts him in a class with Tiger Woods; a person whose failure to make the cut in major tournaments I consider to be a cause for celebration. Actually, he’s worse than Tiger, because Tiger didn’t go around lecturing us on how to be a good father and family man while he was cheating on his wife.

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bruce said...

and now he's trying to shut down the release and the woman suing him, because of some legal argument. This is why we hate narcissitic [sic] celebrities and the scumbags that defend them. Oh, and politicians, too. And CEOs.

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