Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Inane Question of the Year

Sebastien Bourdais won the Indycar race in Milwaukee last Sunday in a manner that dwarfs the description of “convincing.”  He was in a different zip code most of the day and, at one point, had the entire field a lap down such that he was able to make his final pit stop for tires and fuel by himself without losing the lead.

After the race an NBCSN person asked him, “Did you have a first place car?”  He looked at her and paused, sort of like he was trying to figure out if there was some hidden meaning in the question; perhaps hoping that there was. English, after all, is not his first language. He seemed, finally, to decide that she had actually asked precisely the question that it appeared that she had asked, and answered, “Apparently I did.”

Yes, dear, he did. He won. Next question.

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bruce said...

Please, no more questions. Like that one anyway.

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