Monday, September 10, 2012

The Name Of The Game Is...

All over the sports blogs we see discussions about the NFL “replacement officials.” During the games on television the announcers are constantly yammering about the replacement officials and dissecting their calls. How many times did you buy tickets and tell your friend, “Hey, I have tickets to go down to Qualcomm Stadium and watch the officiating tonight.” I don’t know about you, but I watch the football game, you know, the guys wearing helmets. I don’t go to watch the officiating.

Let's stop with the replacement officials thing. Both teams get the same officiating, so it's a "level playing field." If the officials make mistakes, and even the regular ones do, they will make as many favoring one side as they do the other. One commenter said, "the error was always in favor of the offense, no matter the team," which proves my point. The errors are to the advantage of both teams equally and it evens out, so who cares?

The name of the game is “football; it isn’t called “officiating.”

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