Monday, September 10, 2012

Predicting Outcomes

Steve Kornacki proclaims at that “Obama is Winning” and that he has been all along. In his article he mentions that the ineffable pollster Nate Silver, who has never been wrong, puts Obama’s chances of reelection at 80% as of this week. Obama got a “popularity bounce” from the Democratic convention, while Romney did not from the Republican one.

The Obama sycophant crowd is beginning to remind me of the Republican crowd of the 1990's led by Newt Gingrich, in which the Republican Party was going to control the government for the next 100 years. They lost the White House and both houses of Congress within six years.

Pride goeth before a fall.

Keep honking about that 80% chance of a win, and more and more Democrats will believe that their vote will not be needed. If it's raining or something good is on the television they'll stay home because Obama will win easily without their vote. Kornacki said so.

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califdon said...

Aww, Bill, what's wrong with optimism? Although you may be right about the apathy of the electorate, and indeed it is CRUCIAL for progressives and others to turn out on election day, still I think it is also important to have an optimistic and forward looking mindset.

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