Thursday, September 20, 2012

Courtesy Lives

I have discovered a new donut shop, one which is an adequate replacement for my favorite which closed more than a year ago. I went there Tuesday for the second time and a couple had walked in just before me. They were uncertain what they wanted, and the man behind the counter said to them, "I'll take care of this gentleman while you decide?" with a distinct question mark on the end.

That's a very small thing, but it was a delightful little gesture of courtesy which brightened my day, almost as much as the glazed cinnamon roll which followed it. Those rolls are sinfully good, and I'm limiting myself to one of them per week.

Yesterday I went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription which my doctor's office was supposed to have transmitted to them on Monday. They had not done so and, without me having to ask her to, the young woman behind the counter called my doctor's office and got the prescription over the phone. She turned out to be a pharmacist, because she then filled the prescription. While she was doing all of this she repeatedly made eye contact with me and pleasantly said that it would be "just another minute."

When she delivered the prescription to me she thanked me and apologized for the delay. I told her on the contrary, that it was my pleasure to thank her for taking care of the problem caused by my doctor's office.

Be courteous to each other, folks, it makes life so much more pleasant.

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