Saturday, September 08, 2012

Miscarriage of Justice

An arbitration panel overturned the suspension of NFL players who took bounty money for deliberately attempting to injure players on other teams, allowing those suspended players to participate in this weekend’s games and to receive full pay. The justification given for the reversal was that the reason for the suspension was not entirely clear; that the panel could not determine whether the monetary award was for the intention to injure players on other teams, or if it was a ruse to circumvent the salary cap.

That is without a doubt the most stupid, idiotic excuse to justify criminal activity that I have ever heard in my entire life. It is an insult to everyone who has ever played the game, or who has even enjoyed it as a spectator.

I at one time had a great deal of respect for Drew Brees, but recently he has more and more been impressing me as nothing more than just another celebrity asshole. He pretty much completed that journey with his delighted reaction to this decision, when he said that “It pretty much makes you feel that justice has been served.”

The man is an animal if he thinks that coaches should be punished for offering cash payment for deliberate attempts to injure to opposing players, but that the players who took the cash and actually inflicted the injuries should not be punished. Drew Brees has a really, really sick definition of “justice.” I hope New Orleans loses a lot of games.

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Ted McLaughlin said...

I agree completely. This was a black mark on the great game of football, and intentionally trying to hurt another human has no place anywhere -- in football or life.

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