Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sillyness Abounds

Almost immediately after the attack on our consulate in Libya we started seeing reports that it was not just a spontaneous mob, but that a terrorist group had used the mob as cover for a planned attack in revenge for the drone killing of an al-Qaeda leader in June. I was, to say the least, skeptical because we scream “terrorist” every time some high school kid forgets his backpack at the bus stop.

Or every time some nut job has a plan to knock corporate logos off of buildings and an FBI plant can persuade him to buy some play-doh and stick it against a freeway overpass so that the DOJ can charge him with “deploying weapons of mass destruction.”

When I read that there were RPG’s and a couple hundred armed guys involved I had a few second thoughts to the effect that maybe this was planned, and then I realized this is Libya. There are probably more weapons floating around this country than anywhere else in the world, and to round up 200 weapons, including RPG’s, and guys who know how to use them in Libya is almost certainly a matter of minutes.

Meanwhile, before the “planned terrorist attack” meme began to circulate, Hillary Clinton waxed poetic with rhetorical questions about “how this could happen in a nation which we liberated” and especially “in a city which we saved from violence.”

She might want to ask how this could happen in a nation which we bombed the shit out of, actually, and she might want to ask the people of Benghazi how much violence they experienced. From what I read it was quite a lot. Fortunately she was asking herself the questions, apparently, so she didn’t expect any meaningful answers.

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