Saturday, September 01, 2012

Football Notes

Michigan State was unimpressive in beating Boise State last night. Their defense was about as good as expected, but about all they had on offense was a running back with the number 24, who carried 43 times for 210 yards and caught passes for 55 more yards. His name is Le’Veon Bell; he packs 245 pounds on a 6’2” frame, and he reminds me to an astonishing degree of Ladanian Tomlinson. He has strength up the middle, he sidesteps like a ballet dancer, he rotates out of tackles, he accelerates like the space shuttle, leaps tacklers like a high hurdler, and he changes direction like a cutting horse. But more to the point, he just runs and moves like LT. This kid may be the most underrated player in college football.

There was some ill will here toward Brady Hoke when he left SDSU, but I’m not sure why. He made it clear when he took the job that his dream was to coach Michigan and that if he was offered that job he would take it. He was and he did; so why should we be surprised? It’s also not surprising that when two of his best two players violate the rules he doesn’t care that the next game is against Alabama, the suspension is effective with the upcoming game. That’s the kind of leader that Brady Hoke is; he is a man of character.

Contrast that with Texas A&M’s reaction when two of it’s starters are in violation; suspension for one game, but delayed until Oct 13th when they play Louisiana Tech. Bartender Cabbie and I are in agreement that the Aggies are not really of a caliber to play in the SEC, and I’d say this shows that they don’t really have the moral character to belong in that conference either.

Back to Michigan a moment, one of the suspended players, running back Fitz Toussaint, was arrested for drunk driving but pled to a charge of “driving while visually impaired.” What the hell kind of charge is that, and in what manner was he “visually impaired” do you suppose? Sounds like he might be draft material for the Chargers, though.

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Bartender Cabbie said...

When I first heard of Tossaint being charged with being visually impaired I thougt it a typo. Figured maybe he was charged with visibly impaired or something.
I agree that Bell of MSU is the real deal. MSU may be the best team in that conference. I won't rule out Wisconsin, Ohio State and ever perhaps Michigan on that one.

Kevin Sumlin will probably wish he had never left the Univesity of Houston. TAMU will ruin, or at least set back, a coaching career.

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