Monday, May 18, 2009

Whole Lotta Shakin

Well, actually only a little bit. Molly, however, is firmly of the opinion that houses are not supposed to move at all, an opinion which I share actually, and was looking at me like I was supposed to make it stop, and do that right now! She was relieved when it did stop after just a couple of seconds, crediting me somewhat more than I deserve. I am the one who makes food appear in the food dish every day, though, and I open windows for her viewing enjoyment, so I must be the causation agent of all things.

My wife and I, then, are looking at each other with the question that need not be spoken. "Was that a small one nearby, or a big one farther away?" (Like in Los Angeles.) Turns out it was a medium one in between, 4.7 a bit south of L.A. with no reports of major damage. There was a decidedly lateral shaking component to the motion that we felt, though, which is a little unusual and not particularly pleasant.

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