Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Diplomacy

President Obama gives Iran a deadline of one year to stop doing something which Iran says it is not doing, which the entire world agrees it is not doing, which our intelligence agency consensus agrees it is not doing, which the IAEA says it is not doing, and Iran test fires its newest long range missle.

Only Israel, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama think that Iran is building a nuclear bomb so, after the three of them meet, Obama makes threats to Iran about their nuclear bomb and Iran replies by test firing its new missile and bragging about its range.

Diplomacy in the form of, "My dick is bigger than your dick."

And there is this from Anthony Cordesman of the Washington Post, writing in the American Record in an op-ed piece about how we should stay (and expend money) in Iraq,

It's all too easy to forget that the U.S. "won" in Vietnam. Americans left having defeated the Viet Cong, having forced North Vietnam to halt its offensives -- and having gotten a Nobel Prize for the settlement. The Americans created something approaching a functioning democracy, a reasonable level of development, and Vietnamese forces that seemed able to defend both without our support.

Would somebody please tell me what this raving mainiac is talking about? Does he honest-to-God not remember American forces running for their lives from what was then called Saigon as the NVA entered the city, the scenes of South Vietnamese mobbing the gates of the embassy as helicopters lifted off from the roof?

Is this where we have arrived? Our president speaks of nuclear threats that the rest of the world denies exist, a scene from prior years which led to disaster, and we ignore the implications of that because he is a Democrat and is not making open threats of war. A writer of a national newspaper writes revisionist drivel about a war lost years ago.

Do elections not matter after all?

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bruce said...

HRC doesn't have a dick, unless you count WJC (I won't call him Bill in deference to the writer of this blog). That won't stop her from playing tough guy, like she was trying to do in the campaign. I don't think BO ought to be playing that game. The president of Iran IS a dick, however. I'm sure he would like to have nuclear weapons. Whether any of the Iranian public feel that way, I don't know. And I don't think they have any now, whether they are close to it or not, I can't say.

The whole Vietnam war thing is a debacle I don't care to debate here, except for the "..american forces running for thier lives as the NVA entered Saigon.." I barely remember any of this (I was of age to, but wasn't paying attention &/or don't remember), but I seem to recall that our "forces" were essentially gone by the time the NVA entered. And militarily, we won our share and more of battles. The political war - lost, big time. The guerrilla war - um, lost. The Viet Cong was essentially defeated, the NVA was the eventual victor, althought they were communist anyway.

And yes, many things seem the same even though the President is a Democrat.

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