Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Obama's Judicial Pick

Okay, I have weighed it carefully in my mind overnight after reading dozens of posts and articles by both sides. I watched Hardball and Countdown but, sorry, not Rachel Maddow. I have listened to clips from Limbaugh, but not listened to his show itself; even my thirst for knowledge does not go that far.

I finally am ready to provide you with my opinion. I know you have been breathlessly awaiting this: Damifino.

I step on my thing often enough when I'm talking about things that I think I know something about, and I know nothing about law at the appeals court level. Some columnists whose opinions I respect, Glen Greenwald and Jonathan Turley, support her. The latter says that her rulings "show very little depth", but doesn't seem to think that is a particularly bad thing, implying that she is not an "activist judge." That's okay with me.

I think diversity on our Supreme Court cannot but help it, so I like her for that reason. She seems to be sort of pissing off the right wing of the Republicans, and I like her for that too. And there's the default position that, "Obama picked her, so let's go with that."


bruce said...

she has more judicial experience than some of the other justices (when appointed) - can't be a bad thing. She will provide 'diversity' - well, ok, not a bad thing. Pissing off the right wingers? Um, well, Rush Limbaugh, no problem, all for pissing him off. But there are a significant number of conservative people in the US populace, and that is fine. I don;t like extremes on either side, ultra flaming liberals (no offense, Jayhawk, sir) or ultra conservative wingnuts on the right side.

Hey, the stand of "Obama picked her, let's go with that" is not all bad.

shad said...

I don't agree with her standing on the Firefighter's ruling. The firefighter test is simple and blind to race but she ruled in favor of black men to just fit them into the firefighters union because they haven't met diversity requirements. You know, I have no problem with race but it seems like all I hear about is race. From her rulings to Obama picking a Supreme Court Justice to bring diversity. Diversity is fine, I work in a VERY diverse environment in this engineering building, but everyone here is more than qualified for the job. That last part is where I'm getting at. The notion that she is racist because of her ruling sticks out in my mind like a sore thumb. Rule on law but not on personal opinion. I do think it is reasonable for Obama to pick someone he wants on the Supreme Court, I just would like someone better is all. Nothing more than that.

shad said...

Check out this link, it concerns the court ruling on the Conneticut Firefighters

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