Sunday, November 13, 2022

Football Sanity Question

Now that the Raiders, having been in the playoffs last season, have achieved the stellar record of 2-7, are they finally going to show the same good judgement that the Broncos did and fire Josh McDaniels? 

That is a sequel to the imponderable question of why in the hell did they hire him to begin with?

I watched as much of the Chargers vs. 49ers as I could stand. That was two sorry looking football teams. Looked like 22 drunks out on a field chasing each other.


  1. bruce9:04 AM

    I stopped watching football on a regular basis when Daniel moved out, but I get the impression the NFL is a sinkhole this year all the way around. Unless I'm just hearing bad news and the good is under the radar or just good by comparison.

  2. Well, the Kansas City Chiefs are 7-2, and Patrick Mahomes (QB) is really fun to watch.