Monday, June 20, 2022

"We Can't Look"

This is Willy protecting his sister, Missy, while their dad is watching a Dutchman in an English car being chased by a Spaniard in an Italian car for more than twenty laps. (Formula 1 does live up to its claim of being international racing.) A certain amount of swearing and yelling seemed like it might be pending.

Carlos Sainz was never more than 1.05 seconds behind Max Verstaffen, and was often as close as 0.025 seconds for the entire 20+ laps, and all it would have taken was for Max to breathe wrong and he would have been passed. The pass never happened, and the swearing and yelling was averted. A small amount of screaming did occur when the Red Bull took the checkered flag, but the cats are used to that.


  1. bruce8:46 AM

    nice cats, I'm sure they have adapted to the house humans. Don't care for Red Bull.

  2. Don't care for Red Bull the drink, or Red Bull the race team?

  3. bruce9:35 AM

    Red Bull the drink. Race cars I experience virtually through you. Oh and kiddie cartoons via the 4 yr old.