Tuesday, March 01, 2022

I Am Sometimes Trivial

I keep seeing these commercials for walk-in bath tubs, the ones with a little door that allows you to walk in and close the door behind you. They are supposedly aimed at old people like me who cannot step over the rim of a regular bath tub.

For the record, at 78 I can step over the edge of a bath tub just fine, and I take showers anyway, not tub baths.

That does not keep me from wondering just how fast these things fill up once you have stepped into them. Do you close the door and then have to sit there naked for fifteen minutes waiting for the damned thing to fill up?


  1. Step down bath aka Jacuzzi. Problem solved. Oh wait, you might slip and fall in. Or can't pull yourself out. Do these have seats? Why not a shower stall with no step-over and a stool to sit on? And does the little door lock so it doesn't open and flood the bathroom? And if it gets stuck how do you get out? in case of emergency. Too many (trivia!) questions.

    I guess we came from the same gene pool.

  2. You met my expectations and out-trivialized me. I counted on you and you did not let me down. :-)