Tuesday, October 12, 2021

More Contra-Narrative

Merck, announced today that they filed an “emergency use authorization” request with the FDA for an oral antiviral medicine for treating Covid-19. Former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb lobbied for the emergency use authorization, declaring the untested pill to be “a profound game changer.”

Question: If the vaccine works the way that public health agencies and the government claims, as justification for requiring the vaccination in order to keep your job and participate in our social fabric, why is a pill such as this needed on an emergency use basis?

And why would it be seen as a “profound game changer” if the vaccine was working effectively to prevent the spread of the virus?

1 comment:

  1. bruce8:51 AM

    1) because not everyone uses the vaccine
    2) there are "breakthrough" cases of Covid-19 to be treated.**
    3) the vaccine lowers risk and severity of Covid-19, not eliminates it.**
    4) I'm fairly certain the pill has been tested, perhaps accelerated.

    ** I know what you've said in the past about vaccines and testing.