Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Misinformation as a Public Health Crisis

San Diego City Council passed a resolution last week declaring that “Covid misinformation is a public health crisis.”

No specific action was included in that resolution, merely that the conclusion be “studied,” and that methods be devised to prevent misinformation from being spread.

Meanwhile the public health agencies, along with doctor and nursing agencies, continue to urge everyone to get vaccinated immediately if they have not done so because this “surge” is happening due to the “fact” that Covid is now “the disease of the unvaccinated.” They claim that nearly all of the “cases” today are occurring among people who have not received the shot(s).

Other countries, much more heavily vaccinated than the US, are experiencing something rather different.



San Diego claims that 75% of our population is “fully vaccinated,” and that 25% of our population is now causing more cases than 100% of the population caused a year ago when the vaccine was not available. To anyone with more than a few functioning brain cells, that seems highly unlikely. Who’s spreading misinformation?

So perhaps the difference between San Diego and Israel, Iceland and Gibralter, all with vaccination rates and infection rates higher than ours, is not so much the experience as the degree of honesty.


  1. I don't buy this claim that recent cases are entirely among the unvaccinated, but on the other hand I don't find those numbers in particularly to be implausible: the unvaccinated would only need to be suffering 3x as many cases as a year ago (75% is 3x 25%). For comparison, at the January peak cases were more like 9x greater than the Sept '20 baseline.

  2. No, they would need to be suffering that 75% in addition to the 25% that they suffered initially, for total case rat of FOUR TIMES that which occurred last year. I consider that highly unlikely, but such a statistic is certainly useful for frightening people.

  3. yes thank you, 4 times since we're entertaining this idea that the 75% are generating zero cases. But still, 4x is not unprecedented given what we saw in January.
    Like I said before, I don't believe it either so we actually agree here; I just don't think the scale of the numbers is a good reason to dismiss it.