Friday, July 30, 2021

Mandatory Vaccination Unravels

Hysteria over the “Delta variant” has completely unraveled the vaccination mandate, although authoritarian government has not yet recognized that and is still trying to ban you from employment, travel and entertainment unless you submit to a jab that, from a public health standpoint, is completely useless.

Fear of the “Delta variant” may be real (may be), but rationale for the vaccine mandate most certainly is not, now that the CDC has announced that people who are vaccinated can get infected and carry viral loads as high as, and even higher than, people who are not vaccinated.

This means that people who are vaccinated can spread the “Delta variant” as easily as those who have not been vaccinated, which in turn means that there is no public health benefit to vaccination. Yet more and more companies and governments are denying access unless you have been vaccinated. That might be a reasonable precaution to protect others if vaccination prevented, or even reduced the spread of Covid19 but, according to the CDC, it does not.


  1. it is not "completely useless" or "no public health benefit" as you say, because at the very least you are protecting yourself. I understand that it is intended to reduce the severity of illness, not eliminate it entirely (like you seem to be implying with public health vaccines and all).

    I'm not going to comment on the "mandate" issue, just to say protecting yourself is in your best interest, never mind anyone else's.

  2. It has no PUBLIC HEALTH benefit because it DOES NOT PREVENT SPREAD of the disease. It may be to your own PRIVATE BENEFIT, but that is not of PUBLIC benefit, is none of the government's business and does not justify the campaign to get vaccinated.

    I didn't say you should not get it if doing so makes you feel better. The government's mandate is PUBLIC health, however, not INDIVIDUAL health.