Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Garbage Wrapper

Wrapping your garbage in the San Diego Union Tribune has become an insult to perfectly good garbage these days. 


An article in Sunday’s paper (behind a paywall), which apparently required two “journalists” to compose began, “Online misinformation about election fraud plunged 73% after several social media sites suspended President Donald Trump and his key allies last week…” 


That’s much like saying that horseshit in the streets diminished after the sheriff shot and killed 90% of the county’s horses. It finds it useful to remark that horses don’t shit in the street after they are dead, and it asserts that shooting and killing horses is a virtuous act. 


Not to mention that it is “misinformation” only because they say it is.

1 comment:

  1. bruce4:16 PM

    I think it's more akin to blocking the streets from the horses. They still exist and shit, just not in the main road. Side streets, alleys, fields, yeah. Can it be shoveled back in the way, yeah. They didn't eliminate the source, just the main transmission of the 'misinformation'.

    Who decices that definition is a whole other topic.