Saturday, April 11, 2020

The Nonsense Continues

The current narrative now is that restarting the economy (ending the shutdown) will depend on the ability to do massive testing and, as usual, this narrative is not being questioned. It not only should be questioned, it should be laughed out of town. It is sheer nonsense.

They are talking about ending isolation and shutdown, which are for the purpose of preventing people from catching the disease, based on testing, which does not prevent people from catching the disease. Where do we get these idiots?

A person could be tested today, found to be free of the virus, and could become infected the very next day and proceed to infect dozens of more people. Again, where do we get these idiots?

If this shutdown were logical, which it is not, then lifting it would not become possible until we achieve a proven vaccine. That may happen a year from now, more likely 18 months or more, or it may never happen at all. This is a corona virus, as is the common cold, and we have no vaccine for the common cold.

We have a vaccine for the common flu, and two years ago it killed 60,000 people in this country. Covid-19 has killed 13,000 so far and is now forecast to top at 30-50 thousand. Is a Covid-19 vaccine (when and if we get one) going to cut that number to zero?

The media propagates utter bullshit about “herd immunity” based on testing, on the myth of a vaccine as miraculous absolute prevention of death, and the American people buy into it like sheep led to the slaughter because we have not been taught the ability to think for ourselves.

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  1. bruce4:32 PM

    "starting the economy" is such a multi pronged thing, it's approaching absurd. From Trump on down, it's not just a magic thing to say "we're open!" and have the bleating masses fall in line. It's businesses that are going to drive most of that and if they don't have customers, open will be their... um pocketbooks draining money more than now.

    Covid-19 is not the flu, although it's similar. It's the lack of symptoms whil being transmissible that makes ir so muc of a problem. I wonder if they are tracking the change in number of flu cases?

    Not expecting this to end soon and it's probably be an ongoing annoying problem in the future, similar to... the flu.