Sunday, August 18, 2019

Perhaps "Politically Correct," But...

The British Army is doing away with such gender specific titles as "rifleman" and "infantryman," because they are no longer sufficiently intelligent to understand the term "man" simply as "a member of the human race, gender unknown," as it has been used since the English language evolved. Apparently the concept that a word can have more than one meaning is too complex for today's "politically correct" mind. Anyway, they are now going to more neutral titles such as "infantry soldier" and "infanteer."

Really. "Infanteer?" They're too infantile to see the irony in that title? Oh Lordy.


  1. bruce9:05 AM

    Infanteer? Seriously? It conjures up an infant, never nind a soldier. Or maybe a babysitter. Stick with 'soldier'.

  2. This extent of absurdity is mind-numbing -- for those of us who still have minds.