Monday, May 13, 2019

End Of The Journey

MollyAfter seventeen years of being a happy, lively beautiful cat and a loving friend, despite more than five years of serious medical issues and daily medication insults, which she accepted with grace and dignity, Molly suffered a stroke a few days ago. She stayed with us, weakened but in no apparent distress for several days, but last night began showing signs of breathing distress while curled up in my lap, and passed away peacefully at 8:45pm last evening. We will miss her every day.      (Click image for larger version.)


  1. As a kitty lover, I fully empathize.

    We had to have our Sheba put down after she had a stroke. At age 21 (1988-2009)! That alley cat and quite feral kitten, who became a house cat, was remarkably healthy until her last two days. Well, except for her feline Alzheimer's her last three years.

    I'm glad that your Molly passed peacefully in your lap. Too often, that kind of passing doesn't happen.

  2. PS: Molly is beautiful!

  3. bruce8:27 AM

    OMG, I'm so sorry to hear that... Passing peacefully in the arms (laps) of loved one is the way to go. I know how much you and Kathy loved your kitty.