Thursday, February 07, 2019

The Petard Thing

Democrats are outraged, upset, and demanding intervention regarding the plan by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to “rescind a requirement that short-term, small-dollar lenders check to see if borrowers are likely to be able to repay their loans before making those loans.” The phrase “hoist on their own petard” comes to mind.

Congress, controlled by the Democratic Party at the time, created the bureau in name only and allowed it to write its own rules, which is a blatant abrogation of Congressional power. It means that a bureau which is part of the Executive Branch is making laws, something that is so far outside the scope of how the constitution defines the duties and responsibilities of the branches of government as to utterly boggle the mind.

When Congress created the CFPB, it was their duty to create the laws under which it would operate, and not only did they not do so, but Democratic supporters broke their own arms patting themselves on the back for it.

And so we have a bureaucrat appointed by a Republican president making laws because a Democratically controlled Congress created a situation which allowed that to happen. And, reaping what they have sown, Democrats are crying foul. The shame is on them. Democrats let this happen, and cheered themselves while they were doing it.

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