Sunday, August 12, 2018

Democracy Speaks?

I read an article yesterday in which the impeachment of Donald Trump was mentioned and, for at least the third time in the past month, read that “Nancy Pelosi has taken that option off the table.” It continues to strike me as odd.

First, Democrats have to win control of the House of Representatives. They say that is going to happen in 2018, but they also said they were certain of winning the White House in 2016, and we all know how that turned out.

Then Nancy Pelosi has to be elected by her peers as Speaker of the House, and that appears to be by no means the slam dunk that she seems to think it is. Granted, the link is to Fox News, but there are others. The Democratic Party is increasingly being influenced by the Ocasio-Cortez crowd and they are, to say the least, not enamored of the likes of Nancy Pelosi.

Finally, even if Democrats do take the house and Pelosi does become Speaker, how is that her choice to make? Unless 434 other members of the House have a voice in making that decision, then one would have to say that the Democratic Party is about the least democratic organization in politics.

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  1. bruce8:58 AM

    All it really takes is a majority of that 434 to indict anyone, which doesn't really prove much except the indictee is not popular. Look at what happened to Bill Clinton - bare majority indictment, nowhere near conviction in the Senate.

    I make no apologies about disliking Ms Pelosi (or virtually any other long entrenched, santimonious, entitled, pompous politician, for that matter) on either end of the political spectrum.

    The Founding Fathers never intended there to be political class or parties. Briefly serve the public and go back to being a citizen. They would be rolling in their graves if they saw this.

    I'm not saying I like Ms. Ocasio-Ocampo any better ( I think she's a bit clueless), but Ms. Pelosi is a fossil and needs to go. Along with most of the rest of them as well.