Thursday, May 17, 2018

Only in NASCAR

I'm not sure that any organization in the world other than NASCAR could produce the following statement. Perhaps the US government, or some branch of the military, but probably not. Probably only NASCAR.

"NASCAR implemented changes for the All-Star Race to help drivers pass each other more frequently. The cars will have restrictor plates in the engines to slow down top speed and acceleration."

I cannot comment. That just leaves me speechless.

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  1. bruce9:09 AM

    How about putting some new holes in the ballast tanks of a sub? Or itching powder in the jockstraps of the USMC? (never mind, that would just make them mad).

    That is just too oxymoronic... speechless is correct. Dumbfounded, maybe.

    But wait! If they do that to all the cars wouldn't it make them all (more or less) the same and then driving skill becomes more important? As if it isn't now? I expect that some cars a re better than others, but by and large insignificant differences.

    Maybe I just don't know NASCAR.