Friday, November 24, 2017

Yes, The Name is Apt

Given fifteen years of military progress in Afghanistan and recent conduct of the US Navy's Seventh Fleet, yes, I believe the Dallas Cowboys can appropriately be called "America's Team."

Meanwhile, local sports writers are swooning over the Chargers having won "five of their last seven games" and now being in contention to reach the playoffs. Right; with a current record of five wins and six losses. It should be noted that all five wins have been against teams with losing records; such notables as the Giants, currently 2-9, and the Broncos, who are currently 3-7. They have played two teams with winning records in that seven-game stretch, and have lost to both of them.

1 comment:

  1. bruce9:28 AM

    If a stalemate can be called "progress", sure. Maybe the cheerleaders can start playing the game?

    Local sportswriters where? In San Diego? Sorry, not your team anymore. In Los Angeles? More is being written about the resurgence of the LA Rams. And being in contention with a 5-6 record assumes a heck of a lot going forward. Maybe that will work in a bad division.