Monday, June 26, 2017

Racing This Weekend

The Americans seem to have improved their boat speed, enough to win one race on Saturday, but they still have the same idiot at the helm. I have not seen so much just plain bad sailing since I watched a bunch of Cub Scouts. Oracle jumped the start on one race and blamed his "software." I was watching on television, for God's sake, and three boat lengths before he got to the line said "Shit!" loud enough to startle Molly, who was not even on my lap. If I didn't need any stinking computer software to know that he was early to the line, why did he?

In the same race he drew a boundary penalty and committed a crossing foul, and twice he tacked so badly that he dumped both hulls in the water and dropped his speed to under five knots. He did the same thing once during a prestart. During prestart! He crossed the start line twenty seconds behind the Kiwis after that little debacle.

Danica Patrick started 6th and finished 17th. Her teammates finished 1st and 2nd. I don't think we need to say much more about that.

Well, we might add that she wrecked her boyfriend on lap 30. Tore his car all to pieces and put him out of the race. I'll bet that will be a quiet house tonight.

In Indycar the announcing crew kept telling us about the complete dominance of the Penske team. Scott Dixon sort of spoiled their party by winning, because he drives for Chip Ganassi.

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  1. bruce9:18 AM

    maybe I'm a luddite, but what boat software are they talking about? I know sailors need tools and whatnot, but that one had me a bit confused. Does he know how to sail or is he fiddling with his Twitter feed?

    Danica Patrick.... Just as a business question, if she keeps losing? so much, why is she still racing? and being sponsored? I guess they see her as some kind of attraction, whether or not it's her racing ability. And wrecked her BF, that is so funny. Makes me wonder if it was accidentally on purpose or something. She's an equal opportunity car wrecker (but not a home wrecker!).