Sunday, May 21, 2017

This Is How Democracy Dies

The California Democratic Party elected its leader this week, and the representative of the portion which regards itself as “progressive” because they supported Bernie Sanders in the presidential race lost to the “establishment” candidate by a narrow margin. Needless to say, the losing faction cried foul, claimed that the election was rigged in some undefined manner, and is vowing to file a lawsuit to invalidate the election.

They are not, as far as I know, claiming that it was the Russians who interfered with the election, but

They seem not to realize that an election in which only one outcome is acceptable is the kind of election that is held in, say, Syria. They feel that democracy only works when they win. Six-year-olds feel the same way.

In a similar vein, I inadvertently watched a few minutes of Face The Nation this morning. Three CBS anchors were discussing James Comey and one of them stated that, while it, “might be okay to question a few of his actions, you just do not attack his character.” Continuously, and rigorously attacking the character of the President, however, is entirely fair game.

That same anchor went on to say that persons leaking contents of private meetings are, “trying to get out what they believe to be the truth.” Not what is the truth, you understand, but what they believe to be the truth.

Democracy simply has no chance in this nation.

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  1. bruce8:54 AM

    So much going on in this post....

    Since the 'establishment' and party bosses control much of what happens party-wise, I'd say democracy is dead. At least from the Democratic Party side.

    That is not to sya that there is a possibility of interference, corruption, vote rigging, etc. But without evidence, sorry.

    "inadvertently" watching? Trying o find NASCAR, no doubt. Well, I'm tempted to say the Presidents character is enough different from Mr. Comey's to warrant a different approach, but that's subject to the individual. But you ought to be fair and not hypocritical.

    Leaking documents and such has gotten people tried, jailed, effectively exiled, etc. And "The Truth" is very much subjecting and open for interpretation. Igf you can't be trusted in a private meeting, what does that say about your character?