Thursday, December 15, 2016

Losing Badly

I thought Republicans, and conservatives generally, behaved quite badly when they lost the election to Obama; promptly vowing not to allow him to implement his agenda as president.

Their response was childlike innocence compared to that of Democrats, and liberals generally, upon losing the election to Trump; in that they are trying to deny him not only his agenda, but the office itself.

I don't recall any Republicans/conservatives saying of Obama after he was elected that, "We're not going to let him be president."

Witness efforts to corrupt the Electoral College by persuading members to violate their duty to vote as voters have directed them to do. Clearly they believe in democracy only when their side wins.

Then there are claims that the FBI corrupted the election by saying that the Democratic nominee was not guilty of any indictable offenses; a rather odd charge and hard to connect with discrediting a candidate. “Not guilty” is bad?

Then there was the recount fiasco. I say fiasco because it never gained any traction, was halted in two states by federal judges, and in the one state where it was completed the Republican gained 137 votes.

Weirdest of all, though is the charge that Russia interfered with the election; a charge that is backed only by unsubstantiated charges from unnamed “intelligence officials.” There is no proof offered because there is none to be had, but Obama is going to the length of vowing action against Russia for doing god knows what based on evidence that no one can produce.

Notice that not one single Democratic spokesman has denied the truthfulness of allegations made in the “hacked” (actually “leaked”) material, so they are not claiming that Russia interfered in our election by spreading lies, but rather that Russia interfered in our election by spreading the truth; truth that the Democrats did want to be known by the public.

Russia has not yet said how they feel about the United States punishing them for telling the truth about our politicians, an act which must be especially galling since there is no evidence offered that they actually did it.

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  1. bruce9:05 AM

    Hacked the elections, something like:

    "..I have a cure for cancer, but I can't tell you anything about it or show proof because big pharma is out to get me.."

    AKA: no proof only rumor, innenuendo, allegations - all of which anyone can say. I think even Trump made some shit up, which there is no proof of.

    The FBI corrupted the election? Yeah right, they only re-opened the 'investigation' because they found more evidence of emails being spread around in a sloppy manner. I just think it was Mr. Comey trying to cover his own ass more than anything actually new. The Clintons got/get away with more than they really ought to, never mind being in a privileged class. Even if they say they understand us peons. I find that laughable coming from most politicians anyway.

    Obama is going to punish the Russians for (publicly) unproven acts? Like his fabled "line in the sand" they promptly stepped over with no consequences? Never mind they'd believe a lame duck president anyway. Sorry Mr. Obama, your time and ability of influence is waning fast.