Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Oh, Big Whoop

Bernie supporters and other “liberals” in the Democratic party are all excited, as illustrated by an NBC News headline reading, “Democrats Advance Most Progressive Platform in Party History.”  I am, to say the least, somewhat less impressed.

Is there anything less useful than the platform of a political party? Screen doors in a submarine come to mind. A political party platform has all of the significance and impact of a good healthy a fart in the midst of a hurricane.

The lifespan of the party platform is day one of the party convention, when it is passed to much acclaim and self congratulation, after which the process moves on to selection of the party’s nominee for the presidency and the platform sinks into oblivion, leaving no more trace than the proverbial pebble in the mill pond.

“Progressive platform” forsooth. Select a progressive candidate and I’ll be impressed.

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