Sunday, April 03, 2016

Thinking Outside The Box

A minimum wage of $10.50, translating to $21,840 per year, is considered unacceptable. California feels the need to raise that to $15/hr, or $31,200 per year. Meanwhile, they have no apparent problem with seniors living on an average Social Security of $14,160 per year. So the Millennials cannot, or should not, be expected to live on $21,480 per year, while it's okay for seniors to live on 66% of that amount. Just a thought.


  1. bruce2:07 PM

    But But But the min wage earners often have families or student loans, and seniors often have savings and pensions and houses and families to take care of them, right? right? Oh, and the SS is federal not state.

  2. Wage earners often have two wage earners in the family, and no one asks how many people you are supporting when you pay rent, property taxes or put gas in the car. Seniors have sevings if those savings weren't wiped ont in 2008 or stolen by Bernie Madoff.

    Federal/state... I'm referring to the expression of concern.

    Also, why does a wait person making thousdand in tips deserve to make the same paid wage as a janitor who never sees a gratuity in his/her life?

  3. I was being snarky. But I'm sure you knew that. Most tipped people are paid less than minimum, and the tips make up the difference (and often more). but your point min wagers vs seniors is something I'm sure no one has really mentioned.

  4. "Most tipped people are paid less than minimum."

    Not under the new law. All employees are subject to the minimum wage.